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Hi, I'm Stephen Rhode


Over 15 Years of
Psychotherapy Experience

   Psychotherapy is designed to create a new way of relating to ourselves and the world around us.  It helps us understand why we perceive ourselves, others, and the world and that understanding allows us to come to a new relationship with our perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors.  While traditionally psychotherapy has been a form of talk therapy, it has grown to encompass many different modalities utilizing various methods to not only talk about our feelings but to experience them in a new light. Integrating mindfulness into therapy naturally opens a space for us to have a compassionate and healthy relationship with all aspects of ourselves.


       I am interested in helping you develop a new understanding of yourself and with this new experiential understanding of who you are and why we behave in a certain manner, then with compassion, you can choose a new way to interact with the world resulting in a quieter, peaceful mind and more authentic and intimate relationships.

Free Your Mind,
A New Day Awaits

       Whether you are battling depression, dealing with unmanageable anxiety and stress, or suffering from various forms of mental illnesses, there is a way out. Step out of the darkness, a new day awaits. Find a holistic way to free your mind to peace. 

       I offer 50-minute one-on-one sessions, carefully personalized to fit each of my client's needs. The first session is a 15-minute consultation where we discuss your needs, and whether psychotherapy is right for you.

As both a therapist and an educator in the field of psychotherapy, I offer a special perspective and extensive experience in the subject. My sessions are carefully built around my clients, offering a safe and intricate place for sharing and seeking mindfulness.

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